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Why SMS Marketing is The Way of The Future (plus, a spotlight on our friends at attentive®)

In today’s world, you’ve more than likely encountered SMS Marketing several times without even realizing it. We live in a society where nearly everyone is on their phone the majority of the time, making text messaging the most reliable way to reach new and current customers. Bing! That’s all it takes to land right in the palm of their hand.

That’s some incredibly direct communication which is super valuable for any company but especially those in the eCommerce space. Did you know that SMS Marketing has a nearly 100% open rate? That’s because an email is easy to ignore but users are quick to clear that little red flag on their messaging app. Why? Because it’s generally their primary form of communication. In fact, nearly 80% of modern consumers prefer text message discourse over phone calls or email and are becoming increasingly comfortable making purchases with their mobile devices.

Email Marketing still provides one of the highest returns on investment in the digital sphere. That means it’s not going anywhere! But SMS? It’s exploding right now. We’re talking 10X more revenue per message! Why? It’s so much easier to secure screen time with a text than an email. Ready to learn more about this emerging technique — plus meet the professionals at Attentive® who are currently leading the industry? Read on!


How Does sms marketing work?

SMS and Email Marketing tend to go hand in hand. They are similar in the sense that they grow your loyal fanbase, sustain engagement, and drive revenue while relying on a funnel system. The biggest difference is, obviously, the method of communication and the speed with which a brand can access a customer. An email may take hours to be opened but a text? Almost instantaneous. 

Unlike automated email flows, SMS is a Two-Way Journey of Communication. In essence, it’s a conversation. There are lots of ways to use this method but the following options are the most popular and commonly used:

  • Transactional Messages. Falling into this category is shipping updates and other notifications regarding a purchase made.
  • Customer Service Messages. People need assistance from time to time and don’t like dealing with phone support. That’s where help in the form of text messaging swoops in to save the day.

Potential customers can fall into these funnel systems numerous ways. One popular method is through Attentive®’s Swipe-Up feature on Instagram Stories. Another is with Attentive®’s patent-pending “two-tap” method on mobile websites. A user taps the pop-up on a brand’s mobile site to sign up for SMS. Then, a message giving the brand permission to opt the user in is pre-populated in the user’s native text messaging app. The user simply presses send and is opted in to begin receiving messages. Simplicity is key — that’s what makes SMS Marketing so profitable. It’s so simple that it’s genius. Use this technique to incentivize shoppers, highlight product quality, or drive in-store traffic.

Now that you know what we’re talking about, let’s shine a quick spotlight on our friends over at Attentive® — who you’ve probably already met before!

Who is Attentive®?

This company is leading the industry when it comes to SMS Marketing. Starting a mere four years ago, these professionals have already amassed a client network of over a thousand brands in the retail, eCommerce, food, education, media, and entertainment fields. Their mission? To make text messaging a company’s top 3 revenue channels. Their success rate? Unbelievable! What’s their secret? Three words. White. Glove. Service. Their entire team is on board, working closely together with the common goal of helping your brand find success no matter what it takes. They even have an in-house team of talented artists to help with any creative assets that might be needed along the way. They’re basically your one stop shop for all things SMS — even going so far as to curate courses they dub “Attentive® University” to help their clients’ further learning and better understanding of the technology.

Why would you want Attentive® in your corner? Because they have the best practices down pat for sending the right message to the right person at the right time for maximum profit. Their results are proven! Plus, they make the whole thing look easy.

Another reason to have the SMS geniuses at Attentive® on your team? Growing a list of numbers can be really hard! But these pros know how to get you scaling quickly. They barely even break a sweat doing it. On top of all that? They even track and analyze data in order to maximize your profits!

But the best reason to partner with Attentive®? It’s the one we’re most intimately familiar with ourselves here at SAMA Labs — that close-knit working relationship. The team is very involved with their clients from day one. We’re on a first name basis with each other and the crew is truly responsive (or you could say, “Attentive®”) whenever we need them. That’s the kind of partnership you can count on — and it’s why we trust them wholeheartedly. Transparency is so vastly important when it comes to who you trust with your business. That’s why SAMA Labs chooses Attentive®. We can’t recommend them enough!

SMS Marketing is absolutely the way of the future. It’s the perfect companion to Email Marketing and its booming success doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. You can capitalize on this growing movement before it’s too late by hiring some keen professionals (like our friends at Attentive®) to help you stick to all those rules and regulations and avoid a hefty fine or worse. We’re just glad we’ve got the industry leader in our corner when it comes to this stuff — can you say the same?

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