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Build up your customer base from your traffic and keep them coming back for more when you team up with SAMA Labs and Privy! Privy is the #1 Sales App for Shopify with over 18,000+ five-star reviews and we’ve chosen Privy as a partner of ours after seeing the results their services can provide. Privy’s suite of conversion and email tools include exit-intent driven popups & banners with free shipping bars to help you grow your email sales from your Shopify store. All without coding or development skills needed. With their high quality website conversions you’ll be able to capture more emails, improve site conversion, enhance your email and text message marketing, and grow online sales. They work with every major ecommerce and website platform imaginable, and even your email service provider too! Join 500,000+ businesses from 180+ countries around the world, generating $3.9+ billion in sales, and see what SAMA Labs and Privy can do for you.

How It Works

Grow your email list with popups, flyouts, and other high-converting displays. You’ll be able to customize dozens of proven templates in seconds, even if you’re not exactly a tech person. With Privy you can choose when and where they appear, so your visitors only get relevant (not annoying) offers.

Send professional-looking newsletters, promos, and updates to stay in front of customers. Communication is always key if you want to retain customers, making it crucial for success. Privy’s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to send on-brand emails that bring them back again and again.

Get shoppers to buy more from your business (without always offering discounts).
What if every customer spent a few more dollars at your store? Use cross-sell campaigns to recommend additional products at the right time and watch average order size go up.

Drive more repeat purchases with automated customer winback emails.
Repeat customers spend 3x as much and are 9x more likely to buy than first-time shoppers. Set up Privy’s automated Customer Winback emails in 5 minutes to see an immediate boost in repeat purchases.

Stop losing money on abandoned carts.
With cart abandonment emails, you can sleep better knowing you’re not leaving money on the table. Set them up once and Privy will automatically give would-be customers the extra nudge they need to convert.

Appealing to your customer’s unique desires and needs is crucial to not only selling a product, but to keep them coming back for repeat sales. SAMA Labs’ team of experts will develop a super-targeted plan through Privy to assist you in elevating your brand and increasing revenue. Click below to fill out a quick contact form so you can learn more about this game changing platform!

18,000+ Reviews

That’s right! We are top rated on shopify
with over 18,000 5 star reviews!

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Grow your email list with popups, flyouts, and
other high-converting displays


500,000+ businesses from 180+
countries have generated $3.9+
billion in sales with Privy.

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