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“SA Company has never raised capital; it is self-funded. It has been growing at a double digit rate since inception, DeSernia said. The company is hiring about 12 to 15 people a month – everything from fulfillment to graphic design, video editing, creative directing, digital marketing, research and development, sourcing, merchandising and logistics.” – Sourced from

“DeSernia’s main inspiration is bringing value to society. He started this adventure out of his bedroom at the age of 22 years old, with no financial backing. His story is motivating to everyone, as he built a brand from nothing, leveraging all the free tools offered in today’s market, proving the American dream is still very much alive!” – Sourced from

“SAMA Labs is a full-service creative ad agency. However, our biggest difference is the fact we own our brands, too. Since we have the “we built it first” advantage, we bring a lot more than running your ads to the table. For example, many e-commerce companies struggle with navigating growth.. While we handle all aspects of digital marketing; Creative Production (Video, Photo, Graphics, Web), Digital Media Planning and Buying, Email Marketing, SEM/SEO and more, we assist companies in understanding how to improve operational deficiencies, finances, and more. We try to add more value than they can handle!” – Sourced from

“Through SA Company, headquartered in Boca Raton with about 150 employees, consumers can purchase apparel, gear and accessories for fishing, hunting, boating and other outdoor activities. DeSernia also launched Alpha Defense Gear, a brand selling military-themed outdoor wear. Because of the company’s success marketing products – that Instagram channel now has a million followers – DeSernia also started a marketing company called SA Marketing, or SAMA.” – Sourced from

“SAMA Labs launched in late 2017 as a full-service digital marketing creative agency. Their wide range of services include in-depth branding, website design, paid media management, video production, social media management, content creation, and so much more. Their disruptive delivery methods are on the cutting edge of the digital marketing realm to maximize their clients’ profitability and help them achieve their goals.” – Sourced from

“As a pioneer in Digital Marketing, recognized for its branding accomplishments, SAMA will bring years of innovative and disruptive marketing strategies to the table for Motiv8 Gaming, helping propel the brand to new heights. SAMA intends on using a creative approach to quantifiable Facebook Marketing, Instagram Advertising, Google AdWords, and expanded email marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, grow fans & followers, and attracting new players and influencers to the brand.” – Sourced from