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Fixed Mindset VS Growth Mindset: How Your Perspective Shapes Your Business’ Success

Your mind is a powerful asset when it comes to building a successful business. In fact, some might say it’s the most powerful asset. Why? Because your perspective shapes your reality. Think back to grade school — what was that common phrase? “You can achieve anything you want if only you set your mind to it!” Turns out, that sentence is a lot more than just talk. There are actually two main types of mindsets — fixed and growth. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty on both of them and see which one is better for long term success in the business world.

What’s A Fixed Mindset?

People with this type of perspective have a tendency to believe that everything in life is in a fixed state — in other words, unchanging. They’ll spend a lot of time documenting their achievements and talents and showcasing their strengths. In a person, it’s the attitude of, “I am who I am and that’s all I’ll ever be.”

What’s A Growth Mindset?

When you think this way, you see everything as malleable and changeable. There’s always room for improvement and while it’s good to celebrate your strengths, people and brands with this perspective tend to think it’s the weaknesses that provide the most opportunities for growth. It’s the energy of, “that was good but it can be better.”

Which Perspective Is Best For Success?

Keeping an open mind is critical if you want to succeed. Adaptability — now, that’s a major component at play here. Times will always be changing. From global pandemics to natural disasters and political unrest around the world! There will always be a certain level of chaos in life. An unforeseen circumstance can knock your business out of the ring for good. However, if you adjust your sails accordingly, it can propel you forward instead. Businesses that operate with a fixed mindset won’t be able to see sudden challenges that pop up as a possibility for growth so when the winds of change begin to blow, they’re more likely to turn the ship about and head back for safer harbors. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. Brands that are willing to bend and flex? That mindset is the perfect tool to combat the unpredictable — and increase your business’ odds of staying alive 

Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right. That’s always the case when it comes to your perspective — but it’s especially important for long term success in business. If you want your company to survive, you’ll need to be open and flexible to growing and adapting as times change and economies evolve. You’ll need to keep a growth mindset! Need a little boost in the right direction? Contact the digital marketing professionals at SAMA Labs today to learn more.

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