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SAMAs Take— How to Convert Prospects that are “On the Fence”

Prospects who aren’t ready to buy—or on the fence tend to be hesitant to even well-crafted marketing messages. A well-aimed marketing case study can often tip the scales in your favor as an e-commerce brand.

Sell Benefits—Not Features

This is solid marketing advice. A feature-rich copy can deter prospects who have not yet reached the decision stage. This tactic can also obtain more qualified leads. Below is a list of e-commerce companies that gained 145% more leads with 24% lower marketing costs by selling their brand’s benefits instead of features.

  • Health & Beauty
  • Home Goods
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Technology & Electronics
  • Clothing & Footwear
  • Gardening
  • Food Industry
  • Agricultural (Eco-Friendly)

In a recent 2022 poll by eMarketing—it was found that most companies that concentrate on digital marketing strategies have increased their revenue by 48%, gained exposure online by 89%, and have over 128% more conversions by using the simple tactic of “selling benefits—not features”.
After all, consumers are purchasing convenience and accessibility. Of course, there is nothing wrong with marketing your product/service features—it’s about how you “market” the elements. More below.

6 Steps to Convert the Indecisive Prospect

1. Create your Copy “Bigger is better—Less is More”

Compelling copy is essential to entice the consumer. Begin with a large font and major headline (or banner) that summarizes the critical result. This makes the prospect excited about reading on—ultimately leading to browsing, items in carts, and purchasing your product.

2. Brand Background

Companies are often thrilled to showcase their climb from an apartment product idea to actively living their dream of selling their products. In most cases, this is appealing and can draw in a particular audience (for more information about captivating the right audience—visit the SAMA blog); however, too much information is boring, and the reader will likely exit your site instantly.
Instead, give insight into the ‘benefits’ that led them to seek your products/services—your opinion is valuable and you want the prospect to understand that. Remember, less is more.

3. Richness

This is where you explain what you did to achieve the best solutions and beat the competitors in your market. Form bullet points to compare— “apples to apples” with a known competitor and your brand. This way the prospect can see a brand name they are familiar with but now see the difference where your product has richness (a solution), and the others do not. Siting facts, statistics, and evidence in comparison is a marketing home run!

4. Results

It’s essential to invest in a measure marketing tool. Without a marketing tool, you’ll never know the demographics, locations, or products your prospects are looking into. Easy analytic tracking to push your brand from unknown—to well-known! (Visit SAMA to learn more about this topic)

5. Reviews

Consumer reviews are the best source of “FREE” marketing information for prospects to consider. Nowadays, it’s easier for people to trust others instead of relying on a business to be upfront and honest. That’s why utilizing your testimonials in messages or copy is a great way to interact with consumers, establish credibility, and expose brand awareness.

6. Call-To-Action

Marketing 101—set your brand up for success with a CTA in every single Email, SMS, Ad, Post, Video, and so on. Any time you are engaging with consumers you want them to browse through your website and make that final leap off the fence and into your brand family. You can do this in two ways: a sale tone or a friendly tone.

Several of SAMAs e-commerce partners have worked with humor and obtained conversions quickly because humor and friendliness are personal attributes that connect with prospective customers. (Staying in your set brand tone is important but it’s okay to switch it up a bit!)


The overall objective of converting prospects is about promoting your brand voice through amazing copy, knowing your audience, pushing benefits (not features), and engagement mixed with ready reviews.
Visit SAMA today to learn more about what we do and how we can accelerate your brand to an industry leader!

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