How to Grow your Brand during an Economic Crisis
The economic crisis is affecting eCommerce brands globally.

At SAMA, we have identified some major key factors to enhance your growth, increase ROIs, and expand your network during times of crisis.

Communication is vital for the success of any brand. That’s why we suggest staying ‘in the know’ with new marketing trends and reaching out to your consumers regarding feedback. Obtaining essential information directly from your audience will assist you with creating necessary email/SMS lists for future use.

Take advantage of social media’s outreach by promoting your brand and the unique products/services you offer. Participate in fun giveaways, contests, and more. The larger reach you have—the bigger impact you make.

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    Important Topics Covered:
    Expand Email/SMS List

    Lead Generation is a great source to grow your consumer list.

    Community Outreach

    Promote your products in giveaways or contests. Get involved with your community.

    Utilize Social Media

    Categorize your target audience and create frequent posts to interact on all platforms.

    Update Product Descriptions

    Sell the features of your products and why they are considered a better investment than the competition.