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5 Digital Marketing Trends 

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In today’s society, digital marketing is the way of the future. It’s how an e-commerce company or early-stage start-up becomes recognized, trusted, and ‘branded’ with consumers. 

Some companies prefer to conduct all digital marketing efforts in-house (hiring within their company to assign individuals for the task of marketing a product). Usually, these employees have little to no experience with the current digital marketing trends—or do not have the resources for continued research on new and upcoming trends.

The experts at SAMA have dug deep into the darkest marketing corners of the world and have discovered five trends every brand should practice to become more effective in marketing strategies.

 1. Video Marketing

A bold leap but well worth the jump! Video marketing has shown us that 86% of the companies that utilize this valuable tool have increased engagement with new consumers and tripled their conversion rates with returning consumers! 

Video marketing is used with social media platforms like (TikTok, YouTube, or Twitter) to notify your target audience about your brand’s products and/or services. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Scripted Buy/Sell Video—devise a script of someone interested in your product and commercialize the ending for the best results! (Note—keep to one genre: humor, informative, educational)
  • Promotional Video—create a graphics video to promote your products using music, consumer reviews, and graphics.
  • Commercials—Some brands will invest in radio or television commercials. Notice the next time you watch a commercial when pets are used for a non-pet product. These marketers understand that by personalizing their product with a well-liked ‘subject’ (a dog or cat), most people pay attention and are more susceptible to purchase the item.

 2.^Elevated^ Copy Content

When you are promoting a product or service, you want to speak in your brand voice but also speak to your audience. (This can be tricky without expert copywriters at your disposal. Visit the SAMA website to learn more about how we can help you achieve this.)

First, you need to know your target market (visit the SAMA blog for more information on this topic). Secondly, you want to evaluate how you want your brand to sound. Are you informative, educational, personable (humourous), or something else? 

Connecting with your consumers (new and repeat) takes time and talent on the copy end. It’s not just about producing a great copy—it’s about producing an enticing product/service that consumers feel obligated to purchase to increase their chances of XYZ. Here are some tips for a fantastic copy:

  • Structure your Copy—discuss the competitor briefly and then swoop in on “why” your product/service will make the consumer’s life easier. (Consumers crave convenience—being “the best” is not always better.)
  • Seasonal Copies—produce Emails, SMS, and Ads during seasonal spikes. Get “punny” with it. Everyone enjoys humor—for example: “You Autumn know about our NEW [insert product here].” Introducing a new limited-time product can also convert consumers. (Visit our SAMA blog to learn more about this topic)
  • Sales Tone vs. Friendly—sometimes your copies need a switch! Instead of pushing sales for conversions—-just be friendly: “Hey, XYZ is having a great time watching the game with our [insert product here]—don’t be jealous—-find yours here >insert link<!”  Simple wording, personalization, and exposure in one sentence.

In the marketing copy world—less is more! For the best results with all your brand’s copies and learned through the years that this is the best direction to avoid unforeseen errors and editing mistakes. 

 3. Conversion Tracking 

Understanding your audience and how you communicate with them is vital to promoting your business. Keeping track of your marketing strategy allows you to decipher what you need to improve on. These tools can help create ad development, crisis management, competitive intelligence, and more. It’s a lifeline of the digital marketing world. What else does tracking do and where do you start? Read below to learn:


  • Measure Marketing Success & Marketing Issues–this will assist you by telling you what works and what doesn’t. How many consumers are opening your Emails, SMS, or social posts? It’s the analytics every brand needs.
  • Tracking Tools—a few lucrative tracking options are WickedReports, Google Analytics, Survey Monkey, and HootSuite.
  • Create Fast Solutions based on Tracking Reports—distinguishing age groups, locations, and more—these reports will tell you where your products/services are performing the best. Giving you the inside scoop to increase visibility. 

4. Social Media Ads / Influencer Marketing

Our world is obsessed with influencer marketing and social media. Very rarely can you go anywhere without seeing someone holding their device. Delivering your products straight to their phone is the most accessible form of marketing but also the most competitive. Below are examples of how SAMA’s partners have increased their online visibility and converted ads and posts into revenue!


  • TikTok Videos—nearly everyone has a TikTok, and although some may not post videos—almost everyone watches. By asking an influencer in your product realm (beauty, health, music, footwear, housewares, etc.), you can get the trust of their loyal followers to love your brand with little to no effort instantly.
  • YouTube—above we mentioned video marketing, which is a lot like it but with a twist. By producing posts on social media, it can be referred to as “the telephone game” yes, we just went back to the 80s but hear us out! Someone will watch the video, and typically their followers will receive the same video ad—and so on until this idea gains traction (this will be harder to achieve without expert knowledge). Eventually, the platform will turn into revenue JUST by posting ads and content for YOUR brand.

5 . Personalization / Engagement

Consumers want to feel like they are a part of your brand—so STAY CONNECTED. Engage on social media, be humorous, and chime in when repeat consumers are boasting about your brand— ‘thank them’ for their support and ask them for feedback. 

Join in on silly trends to make your brand seem more than just goods and service stations. Show your company’s hard work in making the best products for your consumers and the craftsmanship and workforce behind each item. Make it personable!

When a brand or company doesn’t have a personality online or a voice that your audience can relate to—that’s the fastest way to decrease exposure and lose everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Go All In—with SAMA

SAMA has done the research—we have spent years perfecting the digital marketing world for our clients to ensure their consumers keep returning and new ones continue to arrive! We can do the same for you. Trust us—we got a lot more than this up our sleeve. Join us to learn more about what SAMA could do for your business today!

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