Hop Aboard The Carousel: How To Get The Most Out Of This Popular Ad Technique

Are you looking for an innovative new way to boost your engagement and drive more conversions for your eCommerce brand? It turns out there’s a popular option that’ll have you feeling like a kid in an amusement park–we’re talking about carousel ads. What are they, and how can they build brand loyalty, boost engagement, and drive conversions?

What Is A Carousel Ad + Why Do They Work?

Take a two-minute scroll through Facebook or Instagram, and you’ll find quite a few posts featuring several images and a reminder to swipe left for more–this digital marketing gem is a carousel ad! On most social media platforms, you can upload up to ten images in a single post, providing you the opportunity to tell a more nuanced story that will hook viewers and nurture sales or other conversions. How, though?

First things first–engagement is critical! With cookies and other tracking tools, Facebook and Instagram can tell how long a user spends on your page. Companies who keep eyeballs on their profile tend to rank higher in search results and show up more frequently on those “for you” pages, creating more exposure. This effect helps paint your business as an authority in your niche! Consumers will find you credible once you build brand loyalty, and carousel ads are an excellent technique for that.

How To Create An Effective Carousel Ad

There is more than one way to create a carousel ad, so let your imagination run wild! However, the following method is a certified SAMA Labs secret for great success.

  • Carousel 1: Title & Bait. On this slide, you’ll want to provide an attention-grabbing statement that presents a problem your audience has. You’re metaphorically dangling a worm on a hook in front of the school of fish, trying to make them bite.
  • Carousel 2: Start Building Interest. Here, you’ll continue to paint a picture of the problem you suggested in the first slide to cause the audience to relate more and became invested enough to keep swiping.
  • Carousel 3: One Bullet Point. Slide number three is the prime location for relevant information in a single bullet point that’s simple and easy to read.
  • Carousel 4: Expand On Your Point. Make sure you keep this slide brief and simple while also fleshing out your argument from the previous one.
  • Carousel 5: Second Bullet Point. Now’s a great time to add an additional argument to develop your point and deepen the story. Keep it concise!
  • Carousel 6: Expand On Your Point Again. This slide is ideal for further developing the points laid out in the one before it to keep your audience swiping for more.
  • Carousel 7: Set Up for the Big Idea. At this point, you’ll want to introduce a solution for the problem you’ve been expounding on for half a dozen slides.
  • Carousel 8: Lay Down The Big Idea. Your audience has finally made it to the reason for the ad! Congrats, you’re keeping them engaged. Now you’ll want to posit your brand as the best option to combat the issue at hand while harkening back to previous posts.
  • Carousel 9: Summarize Relevant Ad Info. Let the people know what they need to! Here’s where you’ll dish out all the finer details like prices, products, and more.
  • Carousel 10: Call to Action! Wrap it all up with an eye-catching sentence that nurtures viewers into a conversion

Pretty simple, huh? We think so–and once you get the hang of it, you’ll find there are countless ways to use this method to achieve your desired effect. Looking for examples of successful carousel ads we’ve run in the past? Ask, and you shall receive, friends! Here’s a few of our most profitable iterations of this creative ad technique:

How will you use this newfound knowledge to boost your conversions, engagement, brand loyalty, and credibility? Let us know! If you feel too out of your depth to do it on your own, our passionate team here at SAMA Labs is ready to help–reach out today!

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