Did The Election Affect Your Marketing Campaigns? Here’s How To Plan Accordingly For Major Societal Events

Have you noticed a sharp decrease in the efficacy of your marketing campaigns over the last few months? If so, this might not necessarily be the fault of your strategies themselves but rather a hideous side effect of candidates campaigning for president. Did you ever think an election could affect your non-political business? Most brand owners we know didn’t think so either! But the reality is that most major societal events play a massive role in how effective digital ad strategies are. Want to prevent The Next Big Thing from thwarting your eCommerce success? Let’s take a look at some simple ways you can plan accordingly and use these events to your advantage.

1. Recognize When To Play It Up — & When To Leave It

Sometimes, a little tongue-in-cheek fun can draw in an audience. Other times, consumers are fed up and tired of monotony. It’s all about timing! At the beginning of Election Season or some other major event (like the Olympics, for example), people are more likely to respond favorably to ads that reference the times than after months of brands pitching them their goods and services from the same angle. Instead of being in-your-face about things, choose to sprinkle the connection to whatever’s happening at the forefront of the collective’s consciousness across your campaigns instead of marinating them in it.

2. Check For Platform Restrictions Beforehand

Surprises are only useful when they’re parties, gifts, and trips to Bora Bora — not when it comes to your digital marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, due to scammers’ neverending existence, digital marketing platforms regularly need to update their restrictions to prevent fraud. A great example of this is how Facebook began rejecting ads that sold COVID-19 based products during the pandemic’s height to thwart individuals from trying to capitalize too much on a global tragedy. Words in the clear before were suddenly causing accounts to be flagged, suspended, or even shut down. Stay ahead of the curve and research new platform restrictions before launching a new campaign during an Unprecedented Time of any sort.

3. Have Funds Set Aside For Increased Costs

Specific keywords become incredibly popular around certain events, allowing platforms to raise their prices to keep up with demand. Great for them — not so wonderful for business owners. With so many brands vying for the same ad space using exact phrases, these sites are pretty much able to name their price, and companies will be willing to pay. Therefore, it’s a marvelous idea to keep emergency funds set aside when cost hikes become unavoidable.

4. Maintain A Few Back-Up Plans

Preparation is vital — frequently, that might require having a couple of back-up plans in place just as a precaution. There’s nothing worse than finding out that campaign you just spent weeks building out can’t work due to some unforeseen circumstance or new restriction and have to hit the drawing board again with a tighter deadline — and extra stress! Having alternatives in place beforehand, you’ll always have an initiative working for you no matter what life throws your way.


Major world events will always play a critical role in how people respond to particular marketing techniques, while changing platform restrictions can harm your cost for advertising. However, by using the tips above, you can harness these moments in human history to your advantage and adapt for success! Are you looking for some assistance in your digital ventures? Contact the experts at SAMA Labs today for high-quality marketing services — done right!

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