could your checkout process be hurting your ecommerce success? (plus a spotlight on our friends at Bolt)

As a digital business owner, you already know how important your website is for your brand’s continued success — especially these days where brick and mortar stores face hurdles like never before. With the current state of the world forcing more and more consumers to do their shopping online, now is the time to take your company into the digital age with an eCommerce based website equipped with the ability to process transactions. Does this sound like a big undertaking? It doesn’t have to! If you focus on the right aspects of the checkout process (plus, enlist the help of some professionals), you’ll have a conversion generating website that processes payments in no time.

First, let’s take a look at 3 of the ways your current site might be sending those potential customers running for the hills when it comes time to finalize the sale.

1. requiring too much information at checkout

For every field a consumer has to fill out when completing their purchase online, the less likely they are to finish that transaction. In fact, it’s estimated that 34% of users abandon their cart due to a forced account creation for payment. Why? In a world where hackers are always trying to steal information and identities, people don’t feel confident putting their private details into new accounts all over the web. Instead, whenever a page asks for more than what one person is comfortable sharing, they’ll more than likely end up leaving that site and heading over to Amazon to find something similar instead. You can increase the chances for successful conversions by streamlining your checkout process with as few required fields as possible.

2. not taking security seriously

Those hackers? They’re pretty tenacious when it comes to getting what they want. That’s why their techniques and methods for lifting other people’s identities are always evolving to get past advances in encryption technology. What does this mean for your eCommerce site? Well, for starters, if your system were to be hacked due to inadequate security, you’d be at least partially responsible for the identity theft of all your customers. By keeping up to date with the latest advancements in fraud detection, your site could be a safe place to checkout those carts!

3. not being optimized for mobile shoppers + speed

When was the last time you went online shopping from your computer? Chances are, most of you reading can’t even remember. But the last time you bought something from your smartphone? That’s probably a near daily occurrence. Take a look at your website’s checkout process from a device. If it’s not mobile friendly then that could be affecting your conversion rate negatively. Additionally, if your checkout page speed is too slow to load, customers may back out before the sale is even processed and head somewhere else to spend their dollars. Optimizing for mobile and speed should always be towards the top of your to-do list to ensure you always close those sales.

So now that you have an idea on how your current site might be strangling your sales performance, you might be looking to partner with a company that’s making digital checkout as simple and safe as possible. We’ve got them on our team ourselves here at SAMA Labs and we think everyone should follow our lead on that end. We’re talking about our friends over at Bolt. So who are they and why are we such big fans?

Let’s talk about bolt, baby

So what exactly does Bolt do? They’re your one-stop shop for seamlessly integrating a conversion driven checkout process into your site and across all platforms. Plus? Their top-of-the-line fraud detection methods make for safer transactions for both you and your customers — and peace of mind nurtures a desire to keep shopping.

These guys have perfected the art of the online checkout. How? With…
– mobile optimization
– 10x faster load speeds and a 50% faster checkout experience
– single click transactions for returning customers
– fewer fields to fill out and absolutely no page redirects
– robust fraud detection technology that analyzes over 200+ behavioral signals (as opposed to a measly 30-45 from the competition)
– constant A/B testing so they always know what works and can further refine best practices for maximum efficiency
– plus so much more!

So what does this mean for your brand? Well, simply put it means that in just a few clicks, you could be ready to accept payments for your goods and services directly through your eCommerce website. But more importantly than that, you can do it all safely with the peace of mind only a highly-advanced fraud prevention system can provide. Plus, when you choose to partner with Bolt — like we have at SAMA Labs — you can always rest assured knowing they exist solely on the cutting edge of this kind of tech. Choosing Bolt? It’s partnering with the best of the best — and it’s a decision that’s sure to drive your profits.

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